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White paper: IoT Excellence in passenger transport and airports

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Why you should use IoT cameras in transportation

The strongest reasons to use smart IoT cameras:

  • Increase the security and get a better understanding of your passengers behavior
  • Optimize operations in airports and railway stations with real time video analyses
  • Plan your resources more efficiently with IoT cameras

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IoT Excellence in passenger transport and airports

Increase security and efficiency with intelligent camera systems
  • Automatic facial recognition for increased security in check-in areas
  • Security personnel can use the camera system to follow suspicious people in real time
  • Security cameras analyze visitor flows and can also control these
  • Use other data sources (e.g. traffic data, flight bookings)and let the systems create intelligent forecasts about potential operational disruptions
  • Camera systems in air traffic control towers analyze irregularities on the runways
  • New technologies guarantee the perfect view - even at night or in poor weather conditions
"Only once in your life you get the opportunity to take a whole industry to the next level."

Nikolas Mangold-Takao VP Product Management & Marketing



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